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-Dr. Abdollah S. Nejad

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Dr. Nejad is very helpful and has made my chiropractic experience a good one! Most of all I'm feeling alot better!

-Dorissa M.

Dr. Nejad is amazing. Each time I have an injury, I'm back on my feet within 24 hours feeling myself again. I have recommended his services to my family, staff and friends.

-Charo R.

Great doctor & staff!

-Chris B.

I feel better every time I come in to Chirosports USA.

-Laura A.

Great environment, professional staff, excellent service! I'm glad I decided to get chiropractic treatment for my low back pain. I feel great! Thank you, Chirosports USA.

-Colleen K.

Whatever you do, "it works."

-Travis P.

The best chiropractor I have known and love the sports aspect and the friendliness of Dr. Nejad and his staff.

-Paul L.

Great service, Dr. Nejad always helps to improve any injuries that I have!

-Brent C.

Dr. Nejad and his staff are amazing. I had been suffering from sciatica due to injury of my lower spine. Within a few sessions of Dr. Nejad's care, the pain that had been traveling down my left leg had greatly decreased. I'm looking forward to resuming my normal activities again. Thank you, Chirosports USA!

-Karen S.

Chirosports USA staff and Dr. Nejad has been very professional and helpful with decreasing my pain. I highly recommend them!

-John R. H.

ChiroSports USA is a great facility for athletes who get injured. The level of treatment and care is far above what I get at my primary Doctor's office. I love the treatments, the sports conditioning and the rehabilitation that I receive here.

- Theodore H., Tri-athlete with severe shoulder injury

This is the best experience with a chiropractor that I've had so far. I received an initial chiropractic consultation and follow-up chiropractic treatments. What Dr. Nejad did for me, no one else was able to do. I could definitely tell that Dr. Nejad knows what he's doing, also cares as well. Sincerely the best!

-Eric L., Severe low back pain after motorcycle accident

Very personalized chiropractic services and you definitely feel "at home."

- Olivia S., Tennis player experienced neck & shoulder pain

I started going to ChiroSports USA about a year and a half ago, and I have been receiving chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, and sports physicals. I'm very physically active and I like the fact that Dr. Nejad can speak to me about the sports I'm interested in. My wife has had headaches and backaches for the longest time. I brought her in to see Dr. Nejad. His treatment gave her a lot of relief and that night she had so much energy she didn't go to bed until 1 am, whereas she's usually out by 10:30pm.

-Jeremy M., MMA fighter experienced low back pain & shoulder injury

Very professional. The combination of chiropractic therapy with physical therapy (rehabilitation) has helped my shoulder injury immensely in the past couple of months.

-Johan S., Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitor with shoulder injury

Chirosports USA provides great chiropractic care. I always feel better after treatments are provided: chiropractic care, massage therapy, and sports conditioning. I always look forward to treating any of the injuries I have.

-Jessica Y., MMA fighter & instructor

Thanks for the great chiropractic services. I love all of you.

-Michelle T., Massage therapist with low back pain & disc pain

I feel like family when I'm here receiving chiropractic treatment and massage therapy. Dr. Nejad is Great! He has great knowledge of chiropractic care and the body. I would strongly recommend him to anyone.

-Mickey L., MMA fighter with low back injury

Everyone is very nice and professional. I received chiropractic treatment, massage therapy and rehabilitation for car accident injuries.

-Berta M., Car accident

The first time I was referred to Dr. Nejad, I came in with a severe sciatic nerve pain. After a few weeks of magic therapy: chiropractic treatment, the pain was gone completely and I went back to my running routine.

-Carmen C., Marathon Runner

I received an initial chiropractic consultation and then chiropractic treatments for my lower back pain. I would gladly recommend Chirosports USA to anyone that needs it; it is very good and the people (staff) are wonderful.

-James S. experienced low back pain

I received chiropractic treatments and massage therapy to treat my lower back and neck pain. Overall, I had great experience with Chirosports USA services.

-Mark P. experienced low back and neck pain

I received chiropractic treatment and orthotics for my mid-back pain. I felt very welcomed at Chirosports USA. Also, anytime I had questions for the staff, I knew they would always be answered!

-Kaitlin W., experienced mid back pain

I received chiropractic treatment with Chirosports USA and felt a big difference. I feel awesome and sleep better. I have less pain all day; I can get more done in less time.

-Kristina B., Avid runner with low back & knee pain